At EwePack we have experienced people who are ready to solve your next logistics challenge.


Meet the team:


Sam assists with special projects including trade shows, conferences and live events.  She co-ordinates exhibitors’ details and ensures everyone gets a tailored quotation to ship exhibits to the venue.  Sam will work with you to meet the shipping deadlines, arrange for the customs documentation and understand your special needs. Once we know your freight details, a simple quotation is provided for your consideration and when you book, Sam, will handle the booking process and hand over to the operations team.


George is our customs specialist, responsible for software and customs entry.  Giving correct descriptions, values and commodities enables the correct taxes calculations.  George helps with our procurement and despatch processes and integration with the warehouse management and online ordering processes.


Tony has managed freight activities in many sectors all his life and has a decade in the trade show sector. Shipping dates are set to meet arrival deadlines and ensure your goods arrive in time for the event. Tony manages your documentation, arranges carnets, commercial invoices and freight to the venue. Tony checks the cargo prior to despatch and groups participants’ shipments together to save you money, yet provide a secure means of transport.  Tony oversees the fulfilment aspect of our business. 


Steve has worked all his life in transport and for the last 30 years in arranging and supervising trade show deliveries, collections and on-site activities. Whether you are just sending a few brochures or articles that have to be placed in the media area, or you are part of the official British Group participation; whether you have large exhibits requiring cranes or you have regular pallets that just MUST be on your stand as you arrive to set up your booth, Steve and his freight crew understand the importance of security of your goods and timely deliveries. The freight crew also get the best out of the agents we work with so you get the best service at the venue.  These exacting standards are applied to our international removals service. Steve and the team will give you the choice of self-packing your container load or a fully assisted service. Steve is happy to answer all your questions to ensure you make a successful move abroad.