Send a few boxes overseas

Not everyone packs the kitchen sink when they travel overseas! Perhaps you’re a student and only have a few prize personal possessions to take with you. This is where the secure EweBox option from EwePack fits the bill. Your personal belongings can be packed by you into 2 or 3 boxes, and we will ship them to your accommodation overseas. Our door-to-door service is hassle-free and guarantees a smooth delivery. We can supply approved packing materials if you need them. Though we can’t accept furniture via EweBox; you can use our EwePallet service for this.

A few boxes
Minimum Volume is 10 cubic feet (about the size of a washing machine).

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Number of boxes based on size

Small: 18x18x10 inches = 2 cubic feet

Large: 18x18x20 inches = 4 cubic feet

Tall: 18x18x30 inches = 6 cubic feet

Flat: 18x36x10 inches = 4 cubic feet


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