With a family to relocate or larger quantity of personal items to consider, a move overseas can seem daunting. Not with the EwePallet service. We can deliver a pallet to your doorstep which will hold all of your essentials, plus more fragile items and some smaller pieces of furniture. We can also collect loose things from your home and we will load the pallet. Familiar furniture in your overseas home help you settle, this will make all the difference when getting to know your new country. Perhaps you’re there for work, or it could be for pleasure, having a well-loved chest of drawers for your clothes, for example. If you need approved packing materials, we can supply them.

Pallet is 1m x 1m x 2m
Pallet sizes: Various volumes up to 2 cubic metres each pallet.

For some destinations we can offer a loose packed service where goods are only loaded with other household items and over-packing might not be necessary