Customer Notice: BREXIT

In early 2019, freight services to United Kingdom may be affected by an upsurge in freight bookings to avoid predicted issues following the UK departure from the EU on 29 March 2019. We predict companies will be increasing their stock during this period and flight, ferry and container service schedules may even be curtailed or affected by new regulations imposed by governments. Please assume that delays will be caused as a result.

If you’re shipping to London in February/March/April, take account of the possible disruption in your planning. Once procedures and trade arrangements are confirmed by the governments, we will update this thread.

EwePack joins the Freight Transport Association

“EwePack is pleased to have recently joined the leading British association for transport operators – the Freight Transport Association (FTA). The FTA is one of the UK’s largest trade associations and represents the transport interests of companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air. Boasting a rich heritage, FTA has been supporting the interests of the transport industry since 1889 and will be a place of useful foresight into the future post-brexit transport and customs regulations. EwePack is well placed to take advantage of opportunities arising from the UK’s post-EU membership.”

Peak season demand can bring shipping delays

For anyone with an international on time delivery requirement (for an event for instance) at this time of year it is essential to liaise with your freight forwarder if you’re on a tight schedule. At EwePack, we try to predict delays due to increased demand as well as try and anticipate increased freight charges raised by carriers. It’s important also to note that weather incidents (like large snow storm and high winds) can cause havoc with scheduling and create freight backlogs. It’s also a popular time of year for strikes in some destinations!

The message is: ship early, pay a little storage at destination for an early arrival rather than risk a late delivery.


Community support for Grenfell children

When the tragic Grenfell Towers inferno claimed many lives and left many more homeless, EwePack’s Steve Lawson-Smith was staying on the 30th floor of a modern hotel in Singapore, listening to the live reports of the tragedy.

“I felt sick to the bottom of my stomach”, Steve says “I looked across at the adjacent apartment block and imagined the horror.”

It was natural to want to help out in some way, so when Kids on The Green asked for support from Londoners to provide play equipment and a storage container, EwePack was pleased to be able to help. Within a day we delivered a shipping container which they’ve used ever since, to store vital equipment.

Kids on the Green was set up in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower devastation, and provides a calm space and play-therapy for families, children & teens. The project began on June 15th with just a table, a rug, a bag of footballs and a box of felt tips. With the help of volunteers and support from individuals and businesses like EwePack, the project sprang into action to provide activities all summer long; it’s now moving into its winter programme.

As BREXIT negotiations continue, are you ready?

As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, many of our customers are asking what the consequences for their business will be.

The free movement of goods between UK and the EU will most likely be controlled. This means you won’t be able to jump in a van and head off into the EU without some documentation, and possible taxation. If you already use a freight company to make your continental deliveries, there should be no difference to you, save the taxation issue. The government has said they would like a ‘transitional period’, so that carriage of goods is not immediately impacted.

As far as shipping to events is concerned, EwePack already uses ATA carnets when goods are temporarily delivered outside the EU. We expect that the carnet system, along with transit documentation procedures will be adopted for goods temporarily exported from the UK to the EU and returning after an event overseas.

When the modern EU was first envisaged in the 1970s, freight transport between Europe and the UK was very cheap compared to deep sea destinations (such as China, USA and India); yet now, deep sea deliveries are more cost-effective. This presents opportunity to many, post BREXIT. EwePack is ready to help companies who are looking to take advantage of the opportunities that changes caused by BREXIT will bring.

Tossing Sausages for Sheringham Woodfields School

EwePack was please to once again be the main sponsor at the The Sausage Tosser event held on 3rd June 2017 in Chipping near Buntingford. It’s the 3rd time we lent assistance to the fund raising event. This year, £1,600 was raised which has already been given to the charity by the organisers and will go towards buying a minibus. EwePack’s MD, Steve Lawson-Smith said ‘the main aim of the day is to have a lot of fun and we, the other sponsors and the hundreds of attendants surely did!

The fact that the proceeds are generously given to the school for kids with adaptive needs and special care, sobers us all up the next day. I’ve visited the school and the kids are amazing and I’m reminded of my dad’s motto ‘there’s always someone worse off than you’.

EwePack, although a small business, regularly supports community based activities.

New Felixstowe office managed by Tony Farrow

Ewepack Events are pleased to announce the opening of its new Felixstowe office managed by Tony Farrow.

Tony comes to us with a wealth of experience and knowledge gained within the logistics and exhibition industry, together with specialist manufacturing expertise both in the UK and Overseas.

For the last two years Tony has been based in East Anglia working on Live Events and within the Aerospace and Defence sectors.

This exciting appointment will add to the existing expertise of the Ewepack team and help us strengthen and enhance our position in the Exhibitions and Live Events market place as well as building on the success that we currently enjoy within the UK and Internationally.

We look forward to your continued co-operation and support in the future. For further information please contact us.

Steve Lawson Smith
Ewepack Shipping
The Manor House
High Street
Tel: +44 (0) 207 118 7447
DD: +44 (0)203 7143529
E mail:

Tony Farrow
Ewepack Events
Suite 5
Station Yard
Needham Market
T: +44(0) 1394 788447
DD: +44(0) 7837 516512

What is a Currency Adjustment Factor?

Following recent major movements in currencies, EwePack along with other shipping companies are adding ‘Currency Adjustment Factor’ onto some invoices.  It’s standard practise to do this with credit account customers since the cost of services may alter between quotation stage and payment being received, thanks to movements in foreign exchange rates.  As a rule, we add 6% CAF to account customers. For example in the spring the USD was 1.50 to the GBP, today its closer to 1.20, meaning a 20% increase in costs to our sterling customers.    Whilst we regret charging CAF, it’s beyond our control.

Felixstowe Port Congestion

EwePack is aware of ongoing delays at Felixstowe port.  Any time-sensitive shipments must figure in some delays or vessels refusing to call and opting for alternative ports.  If we give clients a time-based proposal, we factor in any potential known delays.  If you’ve had advice from us about timescales prior to 21st September, please contact us for updated information.

EwePack’s Jake’s Mount Kilimanjaro climb a success!

One of EwePack’s team members, Jake, recently travelled to Africa to undertake a great challenge – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Here is an entry from his time there.

Hi there!

I’m back from my travels to Africa, and I successfully climbed Kilimanjaro! The event has to be one of the best and hardest things I will ever do! The first two days involved us trekking through luscious rainforests; the first one of the five climates we passed through over the trip. After the rainforests the real hiking began as we began scrambling up rocks and very steep slopes by day, and wore far more layers at night to cope with the sub zero temperatures.

Summit night was the hardest. After two hours of rest we were briskly awoken in the middle of the night and began the 16 hour epic journey. I personally hadn’t struggled too much with altitude until summit night, and then I’ve never felt so ill in my life! It was indescribably difficult, six members of our group couldn’t make it and I thought at some points I too couldn’t go on. None of the stories we had been told by returning climbers had really prepared us for the effects of the altitude sickness. Thankfully I was able to push through, and made it to the top where it all became worth it.

I will remember the views, and the feeling at the top for the rest of my life! After a knee crunching descent you could truly appreciate the achievement we’d accomplished. Sadly these photos don’t quite capture the experience completely.

I am so grateful for your support, and would also like to pass on the thanks for the sponsorship money from my chosen charity, Practical Action, who will be using the money raised to fund grass roots projects in Africa designed to help people help themselves.